Tempo Run: The Last Song APK

The music is fun and exciting game it gives us great moments together with a fresh mind khoai.Hay your friends and play music games this interesting yet
Serenade of the sky gods to save the scene.Puzzle Craft 2

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-1
   AGE OF WAR 6   The magical adventure game music has come!

Explore the mysterious island of Tempo Run!

> Collect gems by exploiting them at the right time when they come down with the beat of music
> Trade your gems to unlock more songs from different artists Philippines

Songs include:

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-2
TANK TROUBLE               Daydream – Rafael Maniego
Together – Rafael Maniego
Night Flying Grass – Juan Edgardo
Arrogant Mind – Kim Dela Cruz
Flutterfree – Juan Edgardo
Monday Morning Coffee – elena
Monuments – elena
Fill in the gaps – Soundmind Music Productions
Das Ende – elena
Perseverance – elena


Puzzle Craft 2

Along with paying construction Shore wonderful world super classic myth and labor to make the city beautiful with your friends hon.Cung construction trophies

Dino Craft WorldPuzzle- Craft -2-1

 AGE OF WAR 6 Mine, craft, construction! – Brick game, collect valuable resources, craft tools and build your town. Using his influence and magical runes to control the weather, call the villagers and much more!

Shore up and build your empire in a magical new land in Puzzle Craft legendary 2. Farm crops, mining, marine wolves and change of settlements is emerging into the bustling town for workers your membership.

To rule them all! – Journey on a large empire, ruled settlements at the same time and developed a powerful empire in Puzzle Craft biggest yet!
Land, air and sea – species and discover new resources as you explore this magical island. Venture out to sea to find more equipped and discover long lost treasure.

Puzzle -Craft- 2-2

Puzzle Craft 2 features: AGE OF WAR 5
• Rule over an entire empire in the ultimate puzzle adventure sequel
• Match tiles to farm, mine, scavenge, craft and build settlements into bustling cities for your workers
• Explore the seas in search of resources and lost treasures
• Over 40 puzzles to unlock and discover new resources waiting to be crafted into useful tools
• Hundreds of quests, challenges, treasures, trophies and more to find and complete
• Rank your empire with your friends and compete in Royal Quests via Game Center

Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Contains advertisments for EA and its partners. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. Allows players to communicate via Facebook notifications and gifting. To disable see the settings in-game.

Dino Craft World

It seems we now no longer see the real-life dinosaurs again they have become extinct. So the production was re out fighting dinosaurs known. Smurfs Epic Run

Dino -Craft- World-1
tap your Dinosaur Dino Craft and play in the world! hd beautiful graphics, gameplay and fun guranteed. 15 levels with easy to play!
Dinosaurs are back in this game Jurassic period. Presented in vocational voxel style of play.

The game features: AGE OF WAR 2
1. Choose your dinosaur
2. Set your volume and level of completion
3. Choose a dinosaur and repeat

Dino- Craft- World-2
4. You have 15 levels with beautiful dinosaurs environment
5. Presentation of minecraft like design environment.

Game is working on most devices! If you have some error, please respond!

Enjoy the exciting game brings great relaxation and this incredibly fun let’s enjoy it together with your friends AGE OF WAR 3

Smurfs Epic Run

Smurfs Epic Run is a hot game is taken from the story and the characters village xitrum great go along with Smurf village catch and kill a troublemaker villages to help villages happy and peaceful. Piranha Attack

Smurfs -Epic- Run-1
Go take a selfie blind running, parkour a vivid world, collect powerful magic artifacts and save all the Smurfs your friends to become the hero of the village truly epic! Gargamel has cast a spell evil fog to capture all the Smurfs. The entire village is gone and you just left Smurf!
main function AGE OF WAR 2
• RUN, jump, slide, rush, dash, parkour … your way through over 100 levels to free all imprisoned Smurfs and Gargamel’s failure minions!
• Explore a stunning world, magical and fun directly inspired by the original comic-book Smurf.
** Smurfs EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with beautiful 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to liberate your friends from your blue copper Gargamel! ***

• PARKOUR multiple locations of the Smurfs world including the village, the forest, the mine and Gargarmel’s Castle!
• PLAY with your favorite Smurfs including Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and more than a dozen other famous & funny characters!
• FREE each Smurf and use their unique epic powers (Dash, double jump, stomp, glide, magnet…) to rush through each level and set the best score.
• CUSTOMIZE your Smurfs with cute companions, magic rings and artefacts for awesome bonuses!

Smurfs- Epic -Run-2
• RACE and compete against your runner friends & the world to establish the best score in the Weekly Tournament. Who will run the farthest in these weekly endless games?
• EARN great prizes everyday by collecting Golden Keys, completing Daily Missions, spinning the Wheel of Chance or asking the Farmer Smurf for his Good Deals.
• UNLOCK magic portals and discover challenging and mysterious regions: The Bonus Zones! • GATHER your team of blue runners and enter the Epic Adventure: a daily challenge where the danger is everywhere. But so are the rewards! AGE OF WAR 3
• COLLECT dozens of items from the Smurf universe to complete sets and unlock bonuses.

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Turkish.

Piranha Attack

Note piranha great fun going with you to fight with the fish are lurking destructive ocean with your friends faster download this game it helps you relax and comfort

Castle Defense

Piranha- Attack-1
Rodinia Games is again in the « top games » with « numbers game », where the highlight is to devour the poor birds as quickly as possible to avoid being swallowed by the killer piranha. ageofwaraz

Do not waste time, download the game and play.
* Fun for all ages!
Piranha Attack

Piranha- Attack-2

* Easy to Control! « A perfect game for children, » thanks to its simplicity and fun.
* Integrates with the Heyzap Leaderboards!
* Maximum HD resolution!
* FREE regular updates!
* Compatible with all devices!
* Shop to get extras! Upgrade your arsenal by adding new and improved destructive features to your repertoire with one touch.
* Sign up and play FREE! AGE OF WAR 3

Enjoy one of the best gaming entertainments.

Castle Defense

Let’s magical castle, shimmering strategy to better combat ever. Please destroy all bad people to protect the earth more powerful than Clash of Kings

Castle -Defense-1

Commander, our world is in danger of being destroyed! Not only orcs, goblins, spirits, ghosts and other monsters trying to destroy us! Build your defenses and stop us now!

Mighty Warriors: age-of-war-4/
You can select the guide, paladin or barbarian as your warrior and deploy them to the battlefield. With advanced equipment, they can stop or kill enemies on their own.

There are 4 fantastic props for you. They can be a good choice whether you want to destroy all enemies or just heal yourself.

Powerful Towers:
There are 4 basic towers which can be developed into the first tower 8. Different appearance, different functions and different combinations all within your control!

Epic Graphics:
All 15 maps are hand-drawn cartoon style and perfect for high definition screen. With a lot of work, we will present you a lot of fierce war fields.

Castle- Defense-2

Mission Mode:
15 challenging levels, different ways of playing, gathering, protecting, attacking and more!
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Arena Mode: age-of-war-3/
Compete with millions of players over the world. And thousands of runes to boost your performance.

.3 unique warriors including wizard, paladin & barbarian
.4 gorgeous props which help you turning defeat into victory
.12 powerful towers
.15 epic battlefields
.20+ monsters
.30+ achievements
.100+ challenging levels
.And more…

*** Supports all Android tablet devices. ***


Clash of Kings

You always want to be the hero and win all let our heroes come to dominate all. Let your friends battling but mighty warrior of us. Colopl Rune Story


Clash of Kings is a real time strategy game new, where you fight to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms! If you like the game PVP or multiplayer game, you’ll build this facility, the military combat game where you must conquer kingdoms in order to survive! Use your wits to conquer all

Download this game combat troops on your phone or your tablet!

construction pit multiplayer games against friends and foes from around the world! Construction empire and clashes with enemies in RPG MMO fighting game. Explore the world as you imagine kingdom enemies attacked the castle and build a defense, became one of the heroes in the most powerful fantasy land! Be the hero of the planet with access to the following: AGE OF WAR 5

Build armies, attack enemies, research goods and gather resources to become the most powerful player!


Run a King’s Empire in this PVP Action Adventure!
☆ Use your best real time PVP strategy to win the war!
☆ Clash of Kings is a multiplayer strategy war game about sending your fighting army against your enemies’ empire.

Free to Play:  AGE OF WAR 4
☆ Empire allies ramp up the PVP action! Join one for protection, deception, to build an empire or to grow your army.
☆ Use your fighting army to fight other players online from all around the world! In this real time strategy war game you’ll rise through the ranks to have the strongest king’s empire!