Cut the Rope: Magic

UM BA BÙA slag! With over 800 million downloads, Cut the Rope series is back with a sequel full of magic: Cut the Rope: Magic!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

Cut- the- Rope- Magic-1
Get involved in new adventures of Om Nom and variable pay into the magical creatures to help pay adorable little monster regain candy evil wizard by four steals and we escaped you need to chase them and recover lost toys!

The advantages of this game:
– A magical world with graphics, sound and gameplay completely new
– 6 Ways to turn into the creature Om Nom magic on a mysterious journey of Note
– The level of complexity of the bosses will challenge the skills wire cutting, grinding your candy
– 120+ brand new puzzles, and will continue

Cut- the- Rope- Magic-2

One wonders risk accidentally move Om Nom to a mystical world puzzle challenge players of all ages. You can use these new skills Om Nom to neutralize them tricks and traps of the wicked wizard? The latest installment of the game series popular global entertainment will bring new air in the physics puzzle game symbolic of Cut the Rope, which includes over 120 themed level entirely new magic in a fantasy world filled with incredibly rich colors.


– Shape help Om Nom bird flying high above the obstacles and traps
– Pictures comedy Baby lets Om Nom squeeze through tiny spaces, limited
– Picture two fish dive deep to help Om Nom candy grab delicious
– Pictures comedy Rat bring Om Nom hearing pole olfactory scent of sweets that favorite uncle.
– Pictures comedy spirit ensures that unimpeded journey Om Nom on his magic
– Shape Dragon summon a fit of sneezing blows everything


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