Monster Mountain

Monster Mountain is one of the deeply Funky’s identity game Panda Games. Tactical role-playing gameplay storyline closely will take you away from this to the other surprise surprise front infinite creative possibilities and somewhat bizarre. When he began to form mountains, humanity has to ignore the little warning as for any other changes in the world. Years passed, the mountain on which little giant has become that obscures all the Sun. And people began to slowly turn into monsters. -Funky Label Panda quoted about the plot of this game. Earn to die 5

Monster MountainMonster Mountain contains many characteristics of a title or and oddly. In addition to the available characters you can unlock new characters through the collect the cards from the rewards of the matches. The characters will constantly grow about the level and power through fighting or use the sale items available in the shop. Whether in single player mode, ATB, teammates or the vast arena Monster Mountain always makes you fun and excitement. Earn to die 6

Monster Mountain-1

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

Diplomatic campaign has all this is a campaign calling for the heroes from around the world to become a prime gmae will be no secondary volume for anyone sniper in the virtual world you need to keep watching and watching precise objectives. Become a strong squad and participated in the fierce battle tough

Modern & extreme fire
• sniper rifle, a rifle, a stun gun and other weapons from a secret
• Collect the parts to upgrade military arsenals
• Customizable weapons Your unique style

Tank Trouble  CRIME AGAINST spectacular FPS
• action over 130 task
• 3D graphics finally takes you to the world of the near future, from the skyscrapers to strange websites
• troops, armored units and air so much class enemies
• Effects «  » bullets fly, «  » the next generation release of records every headshot (shot in the head) beautiful

• Sandstorm, blizzards, thunderstorms and various atmospheric phenomena other


 Gold Miner     Beautiful 3D FPS game Sniper voyeuristic and powerful that you would expect are here. Joining the fight and eliminate crimes! Compilation of play beautiful headshot ultimate graphics thanks, honing skills, upgrade weapons and personalize as a military spy special campaign. Prepare for the raid and ready «  » trimmed «  » declare war names. Try playing PVP mode network in particular. Belligerent and do not forget to evaluate the game and share with your friends if you «  » to «  » this game offline.

• Occupy resources from other players by destroying their line of defense in PvP multiplayer mode
• Develop a strong squad to defend the spoils in Multiplayer mode PvP

• System AI (artificial intelligence) diversity makes each enemy and not just someone who is difficult to destroy
• Additional actions when participating in special events
• Connect with the gaming community to discover even more content, contests and prizes!

Hugo Troll Race 2.

  Batman v Superman Who Will Win   With adorable cute pictures sharp graphics gives you an adorable monkey ran across the street to eat as fast as many points

    cubefield   Join Hugo in the fight against Scylla and his minions and collect as much gold as possible by demonstrating the skills trolley driving your last! Navigate black mines, dodge fire, use power-ups and put the whole bag of tricks you of the cruel activities against her.
Facing Scylla, nemesis Hugo, in a direct battle that only one of the great skill that can beat her! Win incredible prizes daily tasks, but not for all the gold in one place!
Play the sequel to the blockbuster endless runner that generations of players glued to their screens! Hugo Troll Race 2 brings everything you love in the original game, plus tons of exciting new features, great graphics and lots of surprises! we have to mention countless new content as well?



goldminer        Want to take a break from playing as Hugo? Of course you can do that! Hugolina is eager to hop on the trolley and join the fun. There are even loads of different outfits that you can purchase for her


While you’ll find all the classic trolleys you love, there is an exciting selection of new mine-friendly vehicles, waiting to be taken out for a ride on the tracks. Which ones do you like best?


Immerse in the gameplay and feel like you’re part of the action! Just be careful: don’t allow your attention to be diverted by the beautiful lava stalagmites or fiery lava fountains!
Dodge mine carts, avoid falling stalactites and stalagmites that burst upwards, speeding trains, dirt mounds and, of course, hordes of Crocos!

Batman v Superman Who Will Win

Superman is a brave character is a lot of young people go along with your favorite friends superhero games expeditions around the city to help the Drift & Fun

  AGE OF WAR 5         Humanity is facing a new threat as night falls on Gotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta was done, Batman or Superman side between to set the record straight.

Race against time and go away. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups and fight your opponents.

Who will win is an endless runner game and the film’s official Batman v Superman for: Dawn of Justice.


* Choose your character, play as Batman or Superman.
* Explore your environment within Gotham and Metropolis.
* Control the Bat mobile, or fly with Superman.
* Collect free gifts when you go the distance.
* Stunning graphics and gameplay.
* Official Movie Sound Track and and awesome sound effects.
* A variety of power-ups and pickups to upgrade.

Drift & Fun

Racing games are so common with each of you gamers it requires a deft ability to control your vehicle on the right track Drop the Box
AGE OF WAR 2    Do you like drifting and roaming in the city? You can do both in the Drift & Fun!
Drive your car and drift it the way you want to complete the task and get rewarded.
Put your name in the global rankings!
– Play free
– 6 cars to choose from
– Realistic physics
– Cute 3D Graphics

Drop the Box

Join us in the game and picked up the box of paper extremely interesting gifts
« Drop the box is challenging and will have you glued to your phone for hours. » – AppAdvice Grim Legends
AGE OF WAR 4    Drop Box is a game about building structures to deliver boxes. With 4 different environments and 72 level, Drop the Box features physics-based game challenging and entertaining hours.

You can sort different boxes with a fan, magnet and other factors.


* Realistic physics AGE OF WAR 3
* Build your own solutions and avoid the obstacles
* Normal, fire, water and space environment
* 72 challenging levels
* 4 different tools to construct with

Drop the box runs on phones and tablets with Android 2.2+.

Keywords: drop the box, physics, puzzle, brain, hd, tablet, construction, drop, box, boxes, dirtybit,

Grim Legends

Join the magical world with many interesting and unexpected participants to experience
Enter an enchanted world of myth and magic, full of gloomy forests, forbidden temples, castles and abandoned; a dark secret areas, where your fate was written long before your birth … Polaretti

Grim- Legends-1

AGE OF WAR 4           They surrounded the village with loads of charm to keep evil spirits at bay, to the side other side of the forest, there is a seemingly bottomless pit, called the Abyss. This is where most villagers are afraid Ravenbrook …
That night, a young woman returns home for the wedding of her twin sister. The sisters had not seen each other in years. However, the invitation is strange, almost as if someone else wrote it, except her twin. But she stayed on, did not know about the dangers await …
In the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of a valley fog, standing lonely Ravenbrook village. These folk have fun and hardworking, but wary of superstition.

Grim -Legends-2    AGE OF WAR 3        For just before the wedding, amidst the happiness and reverie, a stranger arrived in Ravenbrook…

• Thrilling story, full of intrigue and adventure
• Fuzzy sidekick – the cutest kitty helper you’ve ever met
• 24 versatile mini-games and 14 hidden object scenes
• 39 beautiful, hand-painted locations
• 11 intriguing characters with different passions and dark secrets
• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!