Hugo Troll Race 2.

  Batman v Superman Who Will Win   With adorable cute pictures sharp graphics gives you an adorable monkey ran across the street to eat as fast as many points

    cubefield   Join Hugo in the fight against Scylla and his minions and collect as much gold as possible by demonstrating the skills trolley driving your last! Navigate black mines, dodge fire, use power-ups and put the whole bag of tricks you of the cruel activities against her.
Facing Scylla, nemesis Hugo, in a direct battle that only one of the great skill that can beat her! Win incredible prizes daily tasks, but not for all the gold in one place!
Play the sequel to the blockbuster endless runner that generations of players glued to their screens! Hugo Troll Race 2 brings everything you love in the original game, plus tons of exciting new features, great graphics and lots of surprises! we have to mention countless new content as well?



goldminer        Want to take a break from playing as Hugo? Of course you can do that! Hugolina is eager to hop on the trolley and join the fun. There are even loads of different outfits that you can purchase for her


While you’ll find all the classic trolleys you love, there is an exciting selection of new mine-friendly vehicles, waiting to be taken out for a ride on the tracks. Which ones do you like best?


Immerse in the gameplay and feel like you’re part of the action! Just be careful: don’t allow your attention to be diverted by the beautiful lava stalagmites or fiery lava fountains!
Dodge mine carts, avoid falling stalactites and stalagmites that burst upwards, speeding trains, dirt mounds and, of course, hordes of Crocos!


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