Monster Mountain

Monster Mountain is one of the deeply Funky’s identity game Panda Games. Tactical role-playing gameplay storyline closely will take you away from this to the other surprise surprise front infinite creative possibilities and somewhat bizarre. When he began to form mountains, humanity has to ignore the little warning as for any other changes in the world. Years passed, the mountain on which little giant has become that obscures all the Sun. And people began to slowly turn into monsters. -Funky Label Panda quoted about the plot of this game. Earn to die 5

Monster MountainMonster Mountain contains many characteristics of a title or and oddly. In addition to the available characters you can unlock new characters through the collect the cards from the rewards of the matches. The characters will constantly grow about the level and power through fighting or use the sale items available in the shop. Whether in single player mode, ATB, teammates or the vast arena Monster Mountain always makes you fun and excitement. Earn to die 6

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