Colopl Rune Story

This is the game appeared in Japan, more than 89 million downloads times, and now you can play it all over the world! Experience an action game made specifically for mobile phones, using the skills and strategies so that you can really win the enemy! Play time co-op with your friends, or solo of the war through a 2D game art narrative- pole coffee!

Indy Cat Match 3

Colopl -Rune -Story-1

* Engage by Quest interesting story with characters *
* Real-Time Co-Op Action RPG *
Perform attacks excellent combination that will surpass regular solve puzzles, games dragon combat and control all movement, action.
* More than 100 unique characters to play and enjoy *
hundreds of characters and combinations of weapons within eight classes – Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper, Mage, Dual Blade, and now, the Dragon Riders!.

* No Play Blockers * AGE OF WAR 2
Forget the other games that make you wait for an energy or stamina to recharge too much will make you expensive.

* Fight Epic Bosses With Your Guild *
Become the strongest guild! Accumulate Guild Points in co-op quests to obtain special rewards.

* Build Your Own Unique Town *
Build and upgrade your town to harvest resources to level up and train your team.

Colopl -Rune -Story-2

Legend has it that runes imbued with ancient magic fell from seven elder runes in the sky centuries ago, but few remain. Airships fly the skies between the flying island Astora and the world’s other countless islands. Use the wondrous rune compass to guide your path as you attempt to uncover magical runes and journey to The World’s End, a place no one has ever reached. AGE OF WAR 3

Create your own Rune Story now with hundreds of heroes ready to battle at your fingertips! Venture on an epic adventure with your friends, make your own society, and experience a deep action-role playing game! Become a powerful hero and unravel the mystery that all begins with a talking cat…

COLOPL NI presents Rune Story! Based on White Cat, the massive hit RPG from the anime capital of the world Japan, Rune Story will take you on a role-playing fantasy unlike any other.


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