Tempo Run: The Last Song APK

The music is fun and exciting game it gives us great moments together with a fresh mind khoai.Hay your friends and play music games this interesting yet
Serenade of the sky gods to save the scene.Puzzle Craft 2

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-1
   AGE OF WAR 6   The magical adventure game music has come!

Explore the mysterious island of Tempo Run!

> Collect gems by exploiting them at the right time when they come down with the beat of music
> Trade your gems to unlock more songs from different artists Philippines

Songs include:

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-2
TANK TROUBLE               Daydream – Rafael Maniego
Together – Rafael Maniego
Night Flying Grass – Juan Edgardo
Arrogant Mind – Kim Dela Cruz
Flutterfree – Juan Edgardo
Monday Morning Coffee – elena
Monuments – elena
Fill in the gaps – Soundmind Music Productions
Das Ende – elena
Perseverance – elena


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