Troverai Polarmoro che con il suo velocissimo super teletrasporto può raggiungere insieme ai compagni del Team ogni luogo della Terra in un lampo, Polarmax che con il suo potentissimo getto di ghiaccio può immobilizzare la perfida Minorca da qualunque distanza,  Learn 2 Fly
 AGE OF WAR 5 Scarica la App, entra nel vivo dell’azione e scegli il tuo super eroe preferito con cui giocare, supera con lui un percorso pieno di ostacoli, recupera quanta più frutta possibile e insegui Minorca per sferrarle l’attacco finale con la tua arma segreta. Inserisci il codice apparso sulle tue Polarcard, ne trovi una in ogni confezione Polaretti, per raddoppiare i super poteri del “Polaretti Team” e aumentare la loro energia. Avrai così la possibilità di raccogliere più frutta, acquisire più vite e potenziare sempre di più i tuoi fantastici superpoteri.
E in più, divertiti a giocare anche con Mister Polaretto allenandoti con le quattro sessioni dedicate esclusivamente ai super eroi e ai loro poteri.
Il “Polaretti Team” ti aspetta.
        AGE OF WAR 4      Polarbillo con il suo bubblepower può rendere invisibile tutto il Team nelle missioni pericolose e Polarcocca che preparando i suoi drinkpower può riparare e ricostruisce ogni cosa distrutta.
Coraggio, entra anche tu a far parte del gioco più entusiasmante di tutto il Polo Sud e sfida i tuoi nemici con i magici super poteri!
 Un’avventura entusiasmante prende vita a Polarettilandia! Minorca è più cattiva che mai, questa volta è disposta a fare qualunque cosa per rubare tutta la frutta. Riuscirà il “Polaretti Team” a sconfiggerla grazie al tuo aiuto e ai loro super poteri? Entra anche tu nel loro mondo, aiutali ad aumentare la loro forza grazie ai codici magici delle tue Polarcard e recupera tutta la frutta.

Learn 2 Fly

Game flash game is a game timer with fast cruise speed you have to balance it crossed the milestone Corinthians high points and battling enemies  Larva Link

Learn -2 -Fly-1

AGE OF WAR 6 Penguins awoke and sought revenge on his wall that crushed ice in the previous game. At this point at least, he had the foresight to use a bag shaped like penguins your test dummy!

Your goal is simple: fly high and far as possible. Bay rewards you with money to spend on upgrading icy, and you can also gain extra money by completing achievements on each level.

Learn- 2- Fly-2

AGE OF WAR 5          Lean 2 Fly features more obstacles, more enemies, more upgrades, more customization and more secrets, tricks, challenges and achievements than ever before to offer you a brand new gaming experience.

Our heroic Penguin is back for revenge! Will you help him crush this epic iceberg?


• Control your slide to fly as far as possible
• Defeat flying mammoths and more
• Compete with your friends
• 60+ upgrades to discover to improve your flight

Larva Link

Welcome to Larva Link! Tempo Run: The Last Song APK
A very interesting game with the mischievous uncle Larva go fight each other with the Beast

Larva- Link-1
AGE OF WAR 4     A unique puzzle game from the last comedy show cartoon, Larva. If you have not heard of this wonderful cartoon, check out thousands of Larva clips on YouTube!
is reflected in real time !!
★★ Feed the hungry larva always with his favorite sausage! ★★
This game is about who can eat the larva with most sausages. Drag three or more larvae to feed them and watch larvae disappear with a smile!
Strange story of larvae in drains, the last comedy show, Larva!
Meet the characters from the famous cartoon, Larva!
Play with your friends and all players worldwide and your ranking

Larva- Link-2

Features: AGE OF WAR 3
◆ Simply drag and link the Larvae left and right, up and down, and diagonally in any direction!
The longer your link is, the higher your score will be!

◆ The time limit is 1 minute, but it gets longer depending on your skills!
Link 10 or more Larvae to extend the game time longer!
The longer you link, the more time you will get!

◆ There are 4 special gems for extra fun!
– Cobweb : Links different kinds of Larvae like the cobwebs.
– Frog : The king of the sewers that Larvae are most scared of. It eats up all Larvae of one kind.
TANK TROUBLE  Fart Bomb : A balloon filled with fart. Once it pops, surrounding Larvae will pass out!
– Prism : Surrounding Larvae turns into one kind of Larva.
But, special gems appear only when more than 6 Larvae are linked.

◆ Let’s get into fever mode!
What is the most fun part of a puzzle game? The “Combo”!!
When you keep the combo going, the fever mode will apply with passionately excited Larvae!
To achieve super high score, link faster and get into fever mode! No time to loosen up!

Tempo Run: The Last Song APK

The music is fun and exciting game it gives us great moments together with a fresh mind khoai.Hay your friends and play music games this interesting yet
Serenade of the sky gods to save the scene.Puzzle Craft 2

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-1
   AGE OF WAR 6   The magical adventure game music has come!

Explore the mysterious island of Tempo Run!

> Collect gems by exploiting them at the right time when they come down with the beat of music
> Trade your gems to unlock more songs from different artists Philippines

Songs include:

Tempo -Run- The -Last- Song- APK-2
TANK TROUBLE               Daydream – Rafael Maniego
Together – Rafael Maniego
Night Flying Grass – Juan Edgardo
Arrogant Mind – Kim Dela Cruz
Flutterfree – Juan Edgardo
Monday Morning Coffee – elena
Monuments – elena
Fill in the gaps – Soundmind Music Productions
Das Ende – elena
Perseverance – elena

Puzzle Craft 2

Along with paying construction Shore wonderful world super classic myth and labor to make the city beautiful with your friends hon.Cung construction trophies

Dino Craft WorldPuzzle- Craft -2-1

 AGE OF WAR 6 Mine, craft, construction! – Brick game, collect valuable resources, craft tools and build your town. Using his influence and magical runes to control the weather, call the villagers and much more!

Shore up and build your empire in a magical new land in Puzzle Craft legendary 2. Farm crops, mining, marine wolves and change of settlements is emerging into the bustling town for workers your membership.

To rule them all! – Journey on a large empire, ruled settlements at the same time and developed a powerful empire in Puzzle Craft biggest yet!
Land, air and sea – species and discover new resources as you explore this magical island. Venture out to sea to find more equipped and discover long lost treasure.

Puzzle -Craft- 2-2

Puzzle Craft 2 features: AGE OF WAR 5
• Rule over an entire empire in the ultimate puzzle adventure sequel
• Match tiles to farm, mine, scavenge, craft and build settlements into bustling cities for your workers
• Explore the seas in search of resources and lost treasures
• Over 40 puzzles to unlock and discover new resources waiting to be crafted into useful tools
• Hundreds of quests, challenges, treasures, trophies and more to find and complete
• Rank your empire with your friends and compete in Royal Quests via Game Center

Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Contains advertisments for EA and its partners. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. Allows players to communicate via Facebook notifications and gifting. To disable see the settings in-game.

Dino Craft World

It seems we now no longer see the real-life dinosaurs again they have become extinct. So the production was re out fighting dinosaurs known. Smurfs Epic Run

Dino -Craft- World-1
tap your Dinosaur Dino Craft and play in the world! hd beautiful graphics, gameplay and fun guranteed. 15 levels with easy to play!
Dinosaurs are back in this game Jurassic period. Presented in vocational voxel style of play.

The game features: AGE OF WAR 2
1. Choose your dinosaur
2. Set your volume and level of completion
3. Choose a dinosaur and repeat

Dino- Craft- World-2
4. You have 15 levels with beautiful dinosaurs environment
5. Presentation of minecraft like design environment.

Game is working on most devices! If you have some error, please respond!

Enjoy the exciting game brings great relaxation and this incredibly fun let’s enjoy it together with your friends AGE OF WAR 3

Smurfs Epic Run

Smurfs Epic Run is a hot game is taken from the story and the characters village xitrum great go along with Smurf village catch and kill a troublemaker villages to help villages happy and peaceful. Piranha Attack

Smurfs -Epic- Run-1
Go take a selfie blind running, parkour a vivid world, collect powerful magic artifacts and save all the Smurfs your friends to become the hero of the village truly epic! Gargamel has cast a spell evil fog to capture all the Smurfs. The entire village is gone and you just left Smurf!
main function AGE OF WAR 2
• RUN, jump, slide, rush, dash, parkour … your way through over 100 levels to free all imprisoned Smurfs and Gargamel’s failure minions!
• Explore a stunning world, magical and fun directly inspired by the original comic-book Smurf.
** Smurfs EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with beautiful 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to liberate your friends from your blue copper Gargamel! ***

• PARKOUR multiple locations of the Smurfs world including the village, the forest, the mine and Gargarmel’s Castle!
• PLAY with your favorite Smurfs including Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and more than a dozen other famous & funny characters!
• FREE each Smurf and use their unique epic powers (Dash, double jump, stomp, glide, magnet…) to rush through each level and set the best score.
• CUSTOMIZE your Smurfs with cute companions, magic rings and artefacts for awesome bonuses!

Smurfs- Epic -Run-2
• RACE and compete against your runner friends & the world to establish the best score in the Weekly Tournament. Who will run the farthest in these weekly endless games?
• EARN great prizes everyday by collecting Golden Keys, completing Daily Missions, spinning the Wheel of Chance or asking the Farmer Smurf for his Good Deals.
• UNLOCK magic portals and discover challenging and mysterious regions: The Bonus Zones! • GATHER your team of blue runners and enter the Epic Adventure: a daily challenge where the danger is everywhere. But so are the rewards! AGE OF WAR 3
• COLLECT dozens of items from the Smurf universe to complete sets and unlock bonuses.

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Turkish.