Go Go Plant 2


Go Go Plant 2 is a funny arcade-style game to enjoy online, where you play the role of a potted plant on a mad rampage! Your simple goal is to make your way through various routes, overcome obstacles, and collect coins, notes and money bags along the way. You have to try and get as far as possible. In this unique nutty adventure, you get to punch, fly and drill your way through all kinds of odd stuff. Let off some steam, make a mess and just go potty!

How To Play: Watch the in-game tutorial to get a feel for the game. There are two playing modes – Story Mode and Arcade Mode. In Story Mode, you unlock a new route every time you finish the mode. In Arcade Mode, you have to try and survive up to 5 rounds. In both modes, you need to avoid dangerous obstacles and collect things. There are three things that you will come across – Money (collect this!) – Destructible stuff (Destroy this!) – and Indestructible stuff (Avoid this at all cost!). Virtual money comes in the form of coins, notes and money bags. Destructible stuff can be anything from boxing balls and tractors to eggs and insects. Indestructible stuff is mostly just anything spiky. Stay away from spikes! You either, punch, catch, drill under or fly over items to get by. Practice makes perfect!


Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to perform the following actions: (UP) Fly, (DOWN) Drill, (LEFT) Catch, (RIGHT) Punch. Depending on where the collectible items are – you have to either fly into the air or drill underground to collect them. Good luck!


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