Sonic Collect Rings


Play a classic, high-energy, Pacman-style skill game with a Sonic The Hedgehog theme! Sonic Collect Rings is a straight-forward, fun, online maze arcade game where you must guide Sonic around a confined game grid on a mission to collect all of the gold rings while avoiding contact with pesky, colorful ghosts.

Reasons to play this challenging, reactions-based Pacman game: Nostalgic fans of classic Pacman and Ms. Pacman games should enjoy the very familiar 1980s game play, while newcomers to the genre should enjoy the simple concept and high-pressure environment. Pacman games have always been highly-stimulating, requiring sharp reaction speed and observation skills, and good hand-eye coordination.

Strategy to win: The best way to stack the odds in your favor is to collect blue gems, and turn the tables on the ghosts (When a blue gem bonus is in effect, you can hunt and temporarily eliminate ghosts, rather than the other way around!). Try to time your movements carefully and tactfully – Use the doorways on the outside of the grid to your advantage.


How to Play: A Flash-based, keyboard-controlled, Pacman-style arcade game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each progressively more difficult level, your aim is to collect all of the Gold Rings in the maze-like grid. Control Sonic’s movement through the maze with the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard.

Try to avoid contact with the colorful ‘ghosts’. If you come into contact with a ghost in normal play, you lose one life (You can see how many lives you have remaining on the right hand side of the play area – indicated by the Sonic head icons). However, every time you collect a blue diamond gemstone (there are 4 in each level), the ghosts turn blue, and you can catch them – temporarily eliminating that ghost from the grid. This period lasts for about 10 seconds, so try to make the most of it! Enjoy the fun action!


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